As you may know, running a website isn't cheap or easy: while we strive to provide the best service possible, your financial support would be helpful.

So we know who to thank!

Facts about Billsup:
  • The team have been (and will continue to be) working hard to maintain and improve the site. Whether you are able to help us or not, we are still committed to maintain this service, no worries!
  • Servers, email services, domains, and various operations cost money.
  • We don't get much from ads, not even close to our operational costs.
  • Our developers are working for free.
Your contributions:
  • Will help us improve our service: better/faster servers that don't crash. Running algorithms like shuffling debts require powerful servers (and lots of math).
  • Will go towards the operational costs and keep Billsup going before we implement a sustainable revenue model.
  • Will help support the developers: your contributions will help us spend more time on Billsup instead of our normal jobs.
  • Will help us feel appreciated. Perhaps it's a way of saying thanks, especially if you like our features

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